Melinda Love

founder of waking women circle

Certified women's transformation + Relationship coach

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"Mel has had a powerful impact on my life in the short time I've known her! She really walks the path and does the work and therefore is a true lighthouse.  Being part of Kaleidoscope cottage has been such a blessing and is allowing me to grow my wings!  So grateful for the full immersion program and the Waking Women's Circle! "

-Reagan F. , TX Queen

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Complimentary virtual tea date designed to inspire, empower and support you on your journey to awakening your inner Queen!

Complimentary virtual tea date designed to show you how to completely transform your RELATIONSHIPS to your self, Source & surroundings by deprogramming your social conditioning.

If you made your way here from, click here for a virtual tea date in which space is held for you to uncover the answer from within as to "should I stay" or "should I go". 

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Work With Mel

"When there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire."

My crowning vision is to shift the current relationship paradigm.


I help women transform their relationship with their self, their Source and surroundings by deprogramming their social conditioning.


I call this process “Burning the Blueprint.”  


I teach on releasing attachments, taking complete responsibility for your life un-becoming, remembering your wholeness, passion through polarity and much more...  

My programs and communities include:

- 1 on 1 Mentorship 

- Accountability program

- Divine Relationships Course

- Burn the Blueprint Masterclass

- Waking Women Circle

- Burn the Blueprint Relationship Retreat

- Kaleidoscope Cottage: full immersion, transformative living.

Why am I credible? I spent 17 years in the wrong relationship, I spent nearly 2 decades suppressing myself, blocking myself from my destiny was all perfect because our mess becomes our message.  


I created my reality with my former level of thinking.  I decided (cut off from all other options) to allow my life to other words, I surrendered.


I would spend the next year putting everything on the alter. Everything.


Against the advice of the world, I courageously jumped into the abyss...


I let go of all the material things that I had spent nearly 2 decades building, my attachment to all the people I held closest to me, my attachment to the beliefs I fought for and used to create my identity with, my desire to please everyone especially the people I felt I owed my life to, and my deepest attachment to the thing that I felt was withheld the most from me in my youth: certainty/security.

I poured lighter fluid on my life and lit my heirloom blueprint on fire. It no longer served the version of me that was waking up.


I was pissed at the world for suppressing Her...but the truth is that I used my social conditioning to cage myself. No one did it to me. I will never use that mindset to give away my power again.


When I embodied the Truth, I liberated myself and claimed my crown.


She was the person God envisioned when he created me.


When I aligned with HER, everything meant for me found me. 


I met a man who fully embodies the Divine Masculine headed in the same direction and we decided to walk the path together.


We are wholly "in Love" "with" each other.  I now teach women the recipe I used to create a deeply connected, passionate and fulfilling relationship. 

​Love, Melinda

"Melinda Love has done so much for me! I knew her before her transformation and I see how happy and thriving she is now after her transformation. She has helped me get focused and now I am able to spend time with my family.  In the past 5 months, my home was lost (in a hurricane) and my husband was injured and not working, but she has taught me to hold the vision.  The doors will continue to open just keep walking through them faith. The "old me" would have just gotten 2 more jobs but she keeps me focused on my new path. and things are working!  She has been the best blessing to me"

Stacey N., Florida Queen