My cup o' Love runneth over

My cup of Love runneth over... Today was a simple, beautiful day. Monday, I think it was. I spent most of it curled up, watching daydreams unfold in the corner of the room and allowing creativity express through me into my laptop. I rotated leisurely from my unmade bed to the the floor with Arrow as he pushed his wooden train and practiced counting in his newly discovered whisper voice. This is all I have ever wanted... and I am completely responsible for this oasis of serenity I sipped on today, just as I am completely responsible for the chaos and disconnection I chose to chug yesterday... God awards us what we ask for...we need not express a single a word. Our thoughts and beliefs pray for us. We receive exactly what we ask for every. single. time. We are powerful creators. The potential energy in every moment is eutopian or hellacious. We choose. God, thank you for allowing me the free will to burn my tongue if I need to, as well as sip and savor your Love. I can see the beautiful perfection in both experiences. đź’“ Love, Me