"Life has no limitations except the ones you make" -Les Brown

"Life has no limitations except the ones you make." It has been one year since I surrendered to the Voice that now leads my life. On this new path, I have the power to create or block opportunities with my subconscious beliefs. About 2 weeks ago, God used Les Brown in a dream to guide me through a powerful breakthrough in which I realized that the underprivileged, little girl version of myself adopted the belief that other people create limitations for me. The Truth is that, we are powerful beyond measure + we are the only ones that can limit ourselves. 3 days later, I found myself at a live event (featuring Les and his daughter, Ona Brown!!) at which the workbooks were stuffed with my flyer for free coaching calls (and Jonathan England's flyer for his masterclass). Because of the generosity of an amazing Power couple + because I broke through one of my strongest limiting beliefs, I was able to soak up some motivation and inspiring wisdom from a handful of talented speakers in a beautiful, nostalgic theater + appreciate the view from a gifted, lovely hotel stay. My surrendered life now overflows with blessings + miracles… The Truth is that they have been there all along, but we are blind to them until we choose to see through eyes of Love.