all about us:

Welcome to your circle of women ready to inspire, empower and support you on your journey to waking up to and living in alignment with the highest version of yourself possible!

"You're only job for being alive is to be YOU, the only way you can fail is by trying to be something you're not."


-Have an INDIVIDUAL goal to first awaken to our highest Truth, and then live in alignment with our authentic, purpose-full life.

-Have a COLLECTIVE goal to make the greatest impact in our community possible, by empowering one another and holding each other accountable to be the highest version of ourselves possible.

In our group, we discuss our individual and collective goals. We support each other as we discover our strengths and gifts as well as our blockages and needs.

We learn the power in taking 100% responsibility for our lives.

We discuss Universal Law and how we see it working in our lives.

We learn to release attachments and understand that it is ok to have things as long as they don't "have you".

We find freedom in authenticity and power in vulnerability.

We often have paradigm therapy sessions in which we identify and shed our layers of old programming: limiting beliefs that cause us to sabotage our life and our relationships. We replace these lies with Truth by removing the veil of social conditioning.

We choose to be the light and love that we desire to see in the world.