Full-Immersion, Transformative Living.

"Mel has had a powerful impact on my life in the short time I've known her! She really walks the path and does the work and therefore is a true lighthouse. Being part of Kaleidoscope cottage has been such a blessing and is allowing me to grow my wings! So grateful for the full immersion program and the Waking Women's Circle! "


-Reagan F. , TX

A group of butterflies is often called a "kaleidoscope".

When a caterpillar realizes it has outgrown everything it knows as itself, there comes a point when it DECIDES, (cut off from all other options) to evolve.  There are few people who will ever commit to this level of transformation.

This retreat is an opportunity for the deepest dive through layers of social conditioning into the shadows of limiting beliefs.  This journey inward is where true liberation begins.  

This is the sacred chrysalis phase.  This is where you go to die to your self.  This is where you turn to mush.  This is Kaleidoscope Cottage.

It is in this sacred space that light is introduced into the darkness.  It is here that you exchange your everything for perceived nothing. It is in this space you are un-doctrinated, and un-programmed.  It is here that you awaken to the highest, most authentic version of yourself.  It is here that you are re-born.  

The Kaleidoscope Cottage is your chrysalis in which you find your wings.

Who might attend?  Kaleidoscope Cottage is home to those experiencing a sense of evolutionary urgency.  Examples are: leaving a toxic relationship, overcoming health issues, those wanting to "find themselves", those wanting to transcend anxiety/depression...

Melinda invites you to work intimately with her for 1 week increments in a beautiful, sacred space that deeply nourishes all of your 6 senses. 



Let's make sure we're a perfect fit.  This is an opportunity only for those who are level 10 committed to their transformation.  Each "cottage" is home to 3-30 (depending on size of home) hand picked women who are hungry for massive mind, body and spirit transformation, so the chemistry of the group  and the dedication of each resident is absolutely crucial  to its success. 




Includes your first 1:1 coaching session with Melinda Love and pre-work to help you get clear on your current reality as well as your vision and goals in advance of move in day.




A blend of 1:1 coaching/mentoring, group coaching sessions,  accountability, feedback and support.

You will also experience limiting belief breakthrough sessions, completion process sessions, and  access to a high level goal setting workshop as well as online masterclasses in the areas of: health, wealth, happiness, relationships and spiritual connection.

You will experience regular meditation, yoga, hiking and other excursions as well as exercises that encourage connecting with your Source, your Self and your surroundings.